Our Services

  1. Oil and Gas Support Services
  2. Marine and Logistics Support Services
  3. Sales and Marketing of Petroleum Products
  4. Fabrications
    Although we have the ability to make most metal products, over the past few years we have specialized in the following fabrication areas:
    • Acoustics - Vent intake systems, acoustic Enclosures
    • Security Products - Cell Doors, Grills, Gates
    • Structural Steel Work - Platform & Access Steel work, Support Structures, Frames
    • Exhaust Systems - Exhaust stacks, Thermal Expansion Joints
  5. Security Products
    AMO Metal is committed to delivering technologies, products and services that customers and partners can build on and rely with in the areas of security products. Through constant innovation, AMO Metal is pushing the boundaries of the metal fabrication it helped pioneered into Security gates, fences, and platform barriers.
    When you think that “Good Enough” is Not Enough, that is when you need to talk to our leading experts on the best way to secure your company, equipments and property.
  6. General Industrial Supply
    Doing a thing well is not a new process to us at AMO Metal Works. We supply industrial equipments and goods to the Oil and Gas industry across the country at short notice. 
    Over the years, we have managed and supplied electrodes, welding tools, employee workforce, light and heavy duty vehicles, marine and houseboat services, non-contact measurement / inspection, equipment rental.
  7. Installation
    Every project management / design is an opportunity of a life time at AMO Metal Works. No metal work is completed without a guided installation. We have pioneerd the:
    • Onsite Installation / Configuration / Testing
    • Oil & Gas Equipment Fabrication and installation
    • Continuous Pipeline Maintenance & Inspection
    • Industrial Assembly/Installation
    • Postal / Document Inspection
    • General Installation
  8. Coating
    We have in the past few years assist our clients in the coating of both old and new equipments, structures and machinery using the state of the art equipments directly     from our factory or on-site.
  9. Structural Steel Works
    Every major Civil Engineering and Industrial construction relies on steel and metal fabrication on which to laid its foundation on. At AMO Metal Works, we are providing for the needs of individuals and organisations thereby raising the standard of structural steel and metal works.
    As we continue to demonstrate competitively, superior quality and performance in all our products and services, follow your own discovery today to request for our FREE 30 page coloure brochure about this and more of our structural steel and metal work services.